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Duemmegi’s solutions enable the automation of several tasks in logistics facilities to ensure maximum cost efficiency and worktime optimization.

Top 4 Benefits of Smart Domotics for Logistics

A custom-built domotic system for warehouses allows you to take advantage of hands-free access within your facility. And that’s not the only benefit. Here’s what a domotic installation for warehouses can pay off for. Some of the advantages that a smart domotic system can provide:

Continuous monitoring of power consumption and of other sources for greener operations and utmost attention to waste reduction.

Automated control of the lighting system, turning it on only in areas where personnel are present and turning it off when they leave.

Access control at loading and unloading gates. Forklift entry and exit operations can be optimized, preventing accidental access to restricted areas, and improving worktime. Allowing vehicles to open automatically and quickly only the authorized gates saves valuable time in handling goods. Automated access control also limits heat loss, contributing to the waste reduction.

24-hour monitoring of the customer’s selected security system, including video surveillance systems and anti-intrusion detection systems. Using smart automation systems, you can control the proper operation of the facilities, with immediate warning notifications in case of malfunctions, leaks or fire outbreaks.

Smart automation for a Green and Low Impact Logistics

The main advantage of a smarts automation system deployed in a business environment such as logistics is the optimization of operations. It allows significant savings in time and energy (and therefore money). The result? Waste reduction and the seamless integration of all systems communicating with each other according to predefined inputs.

“Green” logistics has a reduced environmental impact, especially when considering the savings of a large warehouse with properly optimized electric and temperature control systems (winter and summer). Not only is there greater focus on the environment, but also on greater productivity due to an increase in workers comfort and waste reduction. This leads to higher profitability, regardless of the type of business.

If you operate in this industry, you have probably heard a lot about “green” logistics. This means being more competitive in the marketplace because it helps meet the EU goal of reducing CO2 emissions in Europe by more than 50 percent in the next decade. Smart domotics helps you go green by making your infrastructure more environmentally sustainable. This means:

Waste reduction and power consumption optimization.

Complete automation of processes.

We have already discussed both aspects above. Having an infrastructure that is as environmentally sustainable as possible is one of the first steps towards green logistics and obtaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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La Domotica negli Uffici delle Logistiche

Implementing a smart Domotic System for Your Logistics Infrastructure Is Not a Dream

Do you think that setting up a smart automation system for your logistics infrastructure is an impossible task? The good news is that there are no pre-set packages to buy in bulk with a set of features (some of which you may not need). A Duemmegi domotic system is perfectly designed to fit the needs of your business. The solution will be customized to your requirements. For example, you can choose basic functions that will already improve your business routine in a measurable way and then expand them as you go along. Domotics always give you the opportunity to expand an already installed system with new functions.

By partnering with Duemmegi, a 100% Italian and ISO 9001-certified company with more than 30 years of experience, you can build your own smart warehouse You’ll then have a high-performance infrastructure that can improve comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and create an optimal working environment for all.