Farms and Greenhouses

Domotica per Serre

Farms and Greenhouses

For businesses involved in livestock and greenhouse cultivation, Duemmegi offers domotic solutions that can optimize the management of these environments. Specifically, a domotic system makes it possible to monitor several parameters in real-time to create a low-impact and high-efficiency enterprise, reducing waste and minimizing any potential contingencies.

Top 6 Benefits of Installing a Domotic System in Farms and Greenhouses

Since typically these are installations located in suburban settings, often unattended for long time and fitted with mainly artificial light, Duemmegi domotic systems can help you manage, even remotely, the following parameters:

Indoor brightness. This is an extremely useful feature in all environments that use primarily artificial lighting. Automatic lighting management not only optimizes costs, but also mimics sunlight, following circadian rhythms for the well-being of animals and crops.

Indoor ventilation. Automating the ventilation system means allowing adequate and programmed air exchange and control parameters such as degree of humidity, Co2 and carbon monoxide. This ensures everyone’s safety, as well as the well-being of animals and plants.

Temperature. This is a key function in livestock farms, but also in greenhouse cultivation, allowing compliance with energy conservation and waste reduction, without affecting indoor comfort.

Control of water supply in greenhouses and automatic management of irrigation systems.

Proper operation of all systems in the facility. Supervisory and maintenance personnel are alerted by automatic notification in the event of any malfunction in the electrical, water, and heating systems so that immediate action can be taken.

Scheduled lamp maintenance, so you can always have the optimal level of lighting while saving on emergency service costs and optimizing the purchase of spare parts.

Domotica per Allevamenti
Corretto funzionamento di tutti gli impianti presenti nelle serre.

Domotics for Farms and Greenhouses: A Customized, Expandable and Secure System

A Duemmegi domotic system will perfectly fulfil the needs of your farm or commercial greenhouses. The solution will always be customized to your needs. For example, you can choose basic functions that will immediately improve your business in a tangible way and then expand them as you go along. Domotics always give you the opportunity to expand an already installed system with new functions.

Thanks to Duemmegi, a 100% Italian and ISO 9001-certified company with more than 30 years of experience, you can build your smart farm with the degree of technological integration that you choose. That way, you’ll have a high-performance work environment that can improve comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and optimize the environment for the benefit all.

Smart Farms: The Future of Livestock Farming and Greenhouses

The term smart farming is gaining momentum, and this is also thanks to smart domotic systems. The term is also known as smart farm management, and it brings with it several positive aspects to the investment in making facilities and processes more efficient. But what does smart farm mean? It means combining new technical and digital solutions with traditional agriculture (or livestock farming). The result is a farm, a greenhouse, a livestock farm that are much more efficient in daily activities, more environmentally sustainable, and more agile.

These realities are also becoming more widespread in Italy, as the country moves forward with digital innovation in the agriculture and livestock sectors as well. Between 2018 and 2019, the digital market in agriculture increased by 22 percent, according to data from the Smart Agrifood Observatory of the School of Management of Milan Polytechnic.

If you wish to turn your business into a truly smart farm, start with a domotic system, even with just basic functions. As you deploy it in your greenhouse or farm, you’ll realize the enormous benefits that so-called “precision farming” can bring to you. With real-time data collection and analysis, the most innovative digital tools on the market are indeed able to do “the right thing, in the right place, at the right time and in the right way” (Source: Pierce, F.J.; Nowak, P. Aspects of Precision Agriculture. Adv. Agron. 1999).