Offices and Coworking Spaces

Coworking Access Control with QR code

Offices and Coworking Spaces

Did you know that domotics let all your business systems communicate with each other? Duemmegi’s smart domotic solutions for offices and coworking spaces allow you to work in a highly comfortable environment, thus optimizing operating expenses and energy savings while complying with current workplace regulations. In addition, increasing workplace comfort improves the productivity of your employees.

Domotics for Offices: 5 Features for the Complete Control of your Smart Building

With a smart domotic system for your office, you’ll have the capability of full control of your working environments in real time, including even remotely from PC/Laptop, tablet or smartphone. More specifically, you can control and manage:

Rooms temperature, for energy saving and cost reduction.

Noise levels, in order to comply with the latest regulations related to the office environment. Each workplace must comply a maximum allowable noise pressure level, ranging from industrial environments (pressure up to 80 dB) to office meeting rooms (maximum 45 dB).

Guaranteed minimum brightness (of artificial light sources) for increased comfort of the workplace and power consumption optimization.

Air quality index for automatic air-exchange management. This is a very useful function in all work environments and particularly in open spaces and meeting rooms, which keeps VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Co2 levels in the air under control and maintains the workplace healthy.

Solar shading to ensure correct brightness levels within rooms based on sunlight and to avoid excessive air-conditioning costs by automatically adjusting and creating protection from solar radiation (so-called summer energy savings).

The result is an improved comfort of workstations, both in summer and winter, ensuring greater productivity and significantly reducing costs. The energy savings can be considerable, up to 36% in electricity and 54% of energy for thermal regulation (data estimated per EN 15232).

Domotica per Uffici
Domotica per Coworking

The Benefits of a Smart Domotic System in your Coworking Space

Coworking facilities, or shared workspaces, are booming. Data published in the Italian Coworking Survey show a total of more than 800 enabled facilities (as of January 2021), with an increase over the previous year. This means that coworking facilities attract people and offer an interesting potential for businesses. In these offices, it’s very important to invest in domotic systems with solutions designed specifically for these shared spaces.

Duemmegi can provide complete domotic solutions for your business to automate:

Reservation management of workstations and meeting rooms. These locations can be accessed via numeric keypad at the entrance, QR code or smartphone. You can also manage access to restricted areas, so that even in the absence of the coworking owner or manager, the user will be allowed to enter and use only the services and areas enabled on his/her reservation.

Workstation comfort. This involves (but is not limited to) the use of presence and light sensors that activate/deactivate temperature control and the lighting system for improved energy and economic savings. The smart lighting system provided by Duemmegi also permits the artificial light source to be adjusted according to the circadian cycle. This approach has positive effects on the user’s mood (which improves) and work performance because simulating natural light always exposes the user to the right level of illumination (warm light and cool light), depending on the time of day.

Integration with Google calendar. This function is useful for optimizing the workstation prior to the arrival of the booking customer, providing optimal comfort with a focus on efficiency and energy savings. For example, if a workstation is booked from 10 a.m. to noon, about ten minutes earlier the system will trigger the “busy workstation” scenario, and the user will enjoy the right temperature and lighting without the systems being left on unnecessarily.

Management of video surveillance and anti-theft detection systems.

Smart Domotics for Offices: your Perfect Scenario with a Single Tap

We have already mentioned the clear benefits of a domotic system for offices, especially in terms of energy savings, comfort, regulatory compliance at workstations, and smart building security. But there’s more: the possibility of activating ad-hoc scenarios for specific situations (for example, an important meeting) with a simple tap.

A smart automation system for offices allows users to create pre-set scenarios that can be called up by typing on the control panel or directly on their smartphone. For example: when there is an important meeting with charts to be projected, a single tap can dim the lights, turn on the sound system and the projector.

This without the speaker or an assistant having to manually control each individual feature. Scenarios are fully customizable to suit the needs of your office, your meeting room, and your company. It’s a way to stay ahead of the competition, save time, avoid unpleasant last-minute hiccups (e.g., a misplaced projector remote control), and make a great impression on your clients and stakeholders.