Sports Facilities

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Sports Facilities

Duemmegi smart domotics is a perfect choice for the automatic management of attended and unattended sports facilities, such as gyms, football and soccer fields, padel and tennis clubs. In this specific domain, automation proves to be an invaluable ally, ensuring the facility’s efficiency, safety, user comfort, and waste reduction. If you run a gym or sports club, installing a building automation system allows you to automate:

Entrance and exit from gates using a low-level or high-level access control system (keypad access, badge, smartphone).

The optimal level of lighting and temperature to provide energy saving and ensure optimal comfort for the users of the facility.

The management of video surveillance and unauthorized entrance detection systems.

Domotics for Sports: No Worries for Managers and Users

Thanks to domotics for sports facilities, you can implement and set up a set of rules to optimize your sports center and create a more comfortable user experience.

For example, for both attended and unattended sports centers and clubs, Duemmegi can provide an access control system that can also be integrated with the season-ticket management and the services reservation system. Through this option, access to the facility is authorized only for users in good standing with their membership fees, while also providing the ability to make payments in real time at a self-payment kiosk. At the same time, access to services, such as hair dryers or showers, is activated when the reservation is made.

If the system does not display any reservations for a given time or day, it automatically sets the system to “Eco” mode to save as much energy as possible.

As a result, customers using a tennis court or soccer field enjoy the automatic activation of lighting, and the locker rooms will be at the most comfortable temperature. When they finish their activities, the system will restore the “Eco” mode until the next users arrive. According to research studies conducted by the University of Parma, the use of a smart automation system for sports facilities can save up to 20 percent of energy compared to traditional systems.

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Choose a Fully Customizable Solution for Your Facility

The major advantage of automation is the wide range of customizable solutions it offers. Just like a suit, the system should be customized to the needs of your sports center.

Is the facility attended or unattended?

Do you provide outdoor, indoor, or removable-cover courts in summer?

Does the facility have an entrance with turnstiles?

Are there any locker rooms?

Is there a temperature control and hot water system?

Do you have a video surveillance system?

By meeting your requirements, Duemmegi can build exactly the system your club needs, paying back your investment with the added value of user comfort and reduced waste and operating costs.

A smart domotic system can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that everything is working and the certainty of being aware when something goes wrong. Duemmegi smart automation solutions can integrate seamlessly with many video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems on the market. In addition, you can have real-time control of all your systems. In case of an emergency request, breakdowns, leaks, or malfunctions, you will be immediately notified with an alarm message. This capability is extremely useful in unattended sports centers.

Smart automation is the ultimate solution for the efficient management of a sports center. An automation system allows you to reduce energy consumption, increase user confidence, and promote a technological culture among both employees and customers alike. So, you can make your padel or tennis club, your soccer fields, and your athletic facilities truly efficient with a guaranteed return on investment.