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Smart Domotics Improve your Workplace, Improve your Facility

Smart Domotics allows your business to leverage all the benefits of automation systems to manage a smart building. Here some of these benefits:

  • Optimal comfort in your working environment.
  • Waste reduction while supporting energy savings.
  • Remote control of all systems.
  • Monitoring of operating costs.
  • Increased security for your building.

If you’re looking for a domotic system for your business, Duemmegi is your ideal partner. With 30 years of experience, we can provide highly customizable solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.


Choose the reliability of Duemmegi products

We firmly believe that the success of our products is the result of technological evolution through continuous investment in research and development.

Duemmegi is the one-stop shop for your everyday needs!


Duemmegi stands for guaranteed quality: only 0.1% of our products have been repaired under warranty in the past 6 years.

Make Your Business Smart

Create a high-performance smart facility that can improve comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and optimize your workplace for everyone, including customers.

Domotic systems for your business

remote management, waste reduction, and access control


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Domotics for Your Business

Make Your Business Smart

If you run a hotel or B&B, welcome your guests with a domotic system. With a smart domotic system, you can easily:

  • Allow access to your guests and service staff either through their smartphones or through QR code readers.
  • Ensure that the site manager can open doors remotely when needed.
  • Automate check-in and check-out operations.
  • Automatically activate room power and air-conditioning based on reservations.
  • Create your own virtual front desk and remotely manage all aspects of a reservation, from check-in to check-out.
  • Reduce all sources of waste, not only related to energy but including operational ones, thus maximizing your profits.
  • Efficiently manage service personnel.

Optimize the operation of many daily activities to ensure a more comfortable work environment, greater safety, and the highest possible energy efficiency. A domotic system in the office or in coworking facilities lets users:

  • Optimize the climate control of a room and balance natural/artificial lighting to ensure maximum energy savings.
  • Automatically activate a workspace or workstation only when required to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Control access to the facilities and restricted areas.
  • Integrate Google calendar with the smart automation system to activate the booked rooms or workstations.
  • and much more…!

A domotic system can make your gym, sports facility or fitness center much more efficient and comfortable, optimizing your resources and avoiding waste. You can guarantee the well-being of your clients, and at the same time promote energy savings and lower operating costs.

Thanks to Duemmegi’s smart technology you can easily integrate your systems and control them remotely. This will allow you to:

  • Manage your clients’ access to different areas.
  • Adjust the temperature in different areas manually or automatically.
  • Monitor sensitive zones using video surveillance.
  • Automate locker room lighting and temperature, including preheating water for showers.
  • Create a virtual front desk and easily manage all aspects of your business from a remote location.

Are you in the logistics business or are you looking to improve the efficiency of a warehouse? For all your warehousing and inventory management needs, choose a specific customized domotic system. Duemmegi designs and implements automation systems tailored to your needs, allowing you to run your business more efficiently. It also allows you to:

  • Use a hands-free access control system.
  • Grant entry to authorized vehicles so they can automatically and quickly enter the permitted gates, which saves valuable time in handling goods.
  • Automatically activate the lighting of occupied areas, eliminating unnecessary energy consumption.

Business automation for logistics is a smart solution designed to address the typical handling needs for this industry.

Duemmegi also offers solutions for the automated and optimized management of waste disposal areas and collection centers. Thanks to this it is possible to:

  • Enable access to citizens using their National Service Card (CNS)
  • Automatically schedule entry based on a plan established by a municipality.
  • Monitor collection areas through video surveillance systems.

Designed for improving the comfort of homes and commercial facilities, smart domotics technology can also be successfully implemented to create smart farms and greenhouses. Thanks to a proper automation you will be able optimize all daily activities. Since they are indoor environments with mostly artificial light, you will be able to:

  • Operate artificial light sources automatically to mimic sunlight, thus following circadian rhythms.
  • Automate air exchange, based on carbon monoxide detection and other parameters, to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Automate the ventilation system and indoor temperature.
  • Automatically manage plant water systems.
  • Automatically send alarms to plant management and maintenance workers.

Duemmegi Domotic Systems

Duemmegi has been implementing domotic solutions for 30 years in order to best meet your needs and those of your workers and customers. Technology is key to managing and optimizing business comfort, costs, energy savings, and security. Duemmegi’s business automation allows you to deploy a domotic system for your company, one that is designed with a focus on people and ensures maximum customization to meet all your needs. Simplify the life of your business – choose a business automation system now to create an efficient and easy-to-manage smart building.

Duemmegi Benefits

Ease of use



Long Life

Ease of use

A domotic system is aimed at a broad consumer
base without specialized expertise in this world, so it must
be easy to use with a user-friendly interface. It also
has to be safe and pose no danger to those
who do not know or understand its capabilities.


An affordable domotic system must be flexible
enough to meet every need, from the simplest
to the most complex. Duemmegi technology
helps the user by simplifying and speeding up
many of the most common everyday


The system operates 24/7 and requires no special care. Even
in the event of a failure, it’s capable of providing the service
for which it was designed or a similar one in the
case of reduced operation . It’s also able to report failures
and generate a report of any

Long Life

The system is built keeping in mind that it will have to provide continuous service over time. It must be virtually fail-safe
and easy to repair, even by unskilled individuals. In all cases, it should be possible to quickly return the system to operation.

Duemmegi for Your Business

Addressing Your Need for Innovation

FAQ Duemmegi

From a technical point of view, domotics is the application of electronics and information technology to the management of a facility. The goal of domotics is to manufacture integrated devices that can interact with each other to automate a range of tasks usually done manually. Tasks like turning on lights, activating alarm systems, adjusting air-conditioning or irrigation systems, and so on. For businesses, the possibilities of a domotic system go even further, allowing you to work in a truly comfortable and safe smart building, which optimizes resources and limits waste in every room of your facility.

Implementing a domotic system within a company implies creating a network of devices capable of communicating with each other. This means they can transmit information that allow you to control everything easily, quickly, and in the best possible way.

The benefits of a smart building are many and enable a working environment that is:

  • Safer . Through automatic monitoring of security systems, even remotely from PC/Laptop, smartphone or tablet, and detection sensors for gas leaks or the outbreak of fires.
  • More comfortable. Through automatic control of air-conditioning and artificial light, and the reduction of waste with the use of detection and brightness sensors in the work zones.

A domotic solution allows you to automate the control of lights and temperature within your organization. It’s possible to reduce waste by up to 44% in electricity and 62% in energy for indoor climate control (data based on the EN 15232 standard for non-residential buildings), providing you with a comfortable and energy-saving work environment. No more surprises in energy bills, no more office windows open with the heat on. Thanks to a domotic system, you can adjust the brightness of artificial lighting, depending on the presence or absence of people inside the room, or even according to weather conditions. A smart building also allows you to individually and automatically manage any external or internal solar shading providing full efficiency and perfect sustainability of your enterprise.

Domotic systems for your business is a valuable investment given the benefits it delivers. By creating a low-impact building, you can improve business life while protecting the environment. Your investment pays off in terms of savings and provides an extremely comfortable workplace.

In every environment, you’ll enjoy comfort without wasteful costs. Just like homes, offices and businesses can be uncomfortable and consume a large amount of energy. This translates into significant costs for the company. This waste can be reduced without compromising comfort. Just deploy an appropriate domotic system in your facility... your organization will operate in a truly efficient smart building!

A smart domotic system ensures a safe working environment. This means:

  • A stand-alone surveillance system that can be controlled at any time, even remotely from PC/Laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • A network of sensors that can immediately detect gas leaks, fires or other anomalies.
  • Fully automated access control to the facility and restricted areas.

This provides your workplace with a safe environment, and you’ll be able to keep everything under control with the integrated systems communicating with each other and with you in real time, no matter where you are. Concerned about privacy? Video surveillance systems can be programmed to automatically erase recorded images after a predetermined period of time. This means the privacy of your employees, customers, and suppliers will always be protected.

With Duemmegi’s smart domotic systems, you can install different access control systems in your business. From a basic badge-based system to a more advanced system that grants access via smartphone.

In addition, a smart domotic system for businesses provides effective protection from unauthorized access. To authorize an access, Duemmegi uses of the most advanced security technologies available on the market. This will save you time and make it efficient, quick and easy for customers, employees, and suppliers to use your business entrances.

With a smart domotic system, you’ll easily be able to monitor your company's energy use, which delivers optimization of the electrical supply and air-conditioning systems. You can also schedule any maintenance work, thus achieving additional economic benefits. Maintenance can be carried out when offices are closed, further reducing inconvenience or disruption to your customers and employees.

Thanks to your smart domotic system you can automate:

  • Electrical systems (lighting, motors, as well as electrical distribution in the building).
  • HVAC systems (cooling, heating, and air treatment).
  • Solar screens, if any (shades, blinds, etc.).

The automation of these systems and the ability to manage them in an integrated system, even remotely via PC/Laptop, smartphone or tablet, will allow you to monitor the building's energy expenditures and make efficient use of available renewable energy sources. This will lead to a considerable reduction in energy use, allowing you to save up to 44% in electricity and up to 62% in HVAC energy. (data as estimated in EN 15232 standard for non-residential buildings)