Hotels and B&Bs

Sistema di Domotica completo di Gestionale per Hotel e B&B

Domotics for Hotels e Bed and Breakfasts

If you run a hotel or a bed & breakfast, you can efficiently manage your service staff (from reception to housekeeping) and automatically adjust temperature and lighting levels to ensure the comfort of your guests and energy savings for your facility. In fact, you’ll quickly be able to reduce electric operating costs by up to 36% and your heating consumption by 48% (data estimated per EN 15232). You’ll also enjoy the ability to benefit from an access control system adapted to your real needs.

Access Management: Peace of Mind for Guests and Owners

With Duemmegi, you have a wide choice of access management solutions. You can easily allow customers, suppliers, and staff to enter and exit your facility with ease and simplicity. Depending on your needs, you can choose between:

A classic badge system, which grants each guest access to the facility and their room, while enabling and managing all room services (temperature control, VRF and VRV, air-conditioning systems, lighting, power, etc.). Guests can access their room and any additional services by swiping the appropriate badge across the readers located in the facility. This is an ideal solution if your facility has few entrances or is subjected to seasonal opening.

A remote front desk system, which will provide facility and room access and management without the need for a physical onsite front desk. Access is provided via smartphone, keypad or a QR code. With a remote reception system, you can easily manage not only the check-in and check-out of guests, but also the entire booking process thanks to a dedicated management system. It’s definitely the ideal solution if you have one or more facilities to manage.

Access automation is very important. It lets guests move around the facility independently while employees and suppliers can optimize their access time. Most importantly, it provides peace of mind to the owner or manager. Each person is uniquely identified and granted access to specific zones only, depending on his/her role, without affecting privacy or access to other areas. 

Do you offer additional services such as SPA, pool, parking? With an automation system, you can also manage access to these areas!

Two More Key Benefits of Domotics for Hotels and B&Bs

A domotic system for your facility means more than just access management. There are countless other benefits you can achieve. In fact, you can coordinate all the technology installed in your hotel or B&B. This results first and foremost in considerable energy savings, without affecting guest comfort. Consider, for example, a hotel that is opened seasonally, or a bed-and-breakfast that is used only occasionally.

With a domotic system, the whole indoor climate control process can be automated and turned on/off according to specific needs or based on booking trends. If you have many rooms and/or many floors, this feature drastically reduces waste and results in greatly reduced energy bills.

Of course, you can automate all room functions by installing presence sensors that can instruct the system to adjust the indoor temperature, turn power on or off, and much more. When the guest leaves the room, even for a short time, the automation system will switch to “Eco” mode. That way the lights or the heating system will turn off if the guest leaves the window open before leaving. Again, that reduces waste.

Another definite advantage is the added value that a hotel controlled via domotic system has for the customers. Comfortable rooms, reserved SPA access, assigned parking, detection sensors: all are additional services offered in a simple and discreet way.

They combine to create an extremely positive guest experience that makes guests want to return or recommend your facility to their friends. Today, the customer experience can’t be underestimated. Whether you run a 5-star hotel or a bed-and-breakfast, it’s one of the factors by which competitiveness among facilities is measured.

B&B access control with QR code
Soluzione Domotica Hotel con Badge

Safety First: Getting Everything under Control

A domotic system for hotels and B&Bs also includes safety and security features. Duemmegi systems allow you to interface with the main anti-intrusion and video surveillance systems on the market, which guarantee security and prevent theft risks. Fire alarm systems and smoke and gas detectors can also be integrated.

The safety features that a smart domotic system can provide will give you peace of mind that everything is working and the certainty of knowing when something goes wrong. Using Duemmegi solutions will provide you with real-time status of all your systems, and you’ll be notified in case of faults, leaks, malfunctions, fire or flooding. 

. Maintenance staff will also receive an alert so they can respond as quickly as possible. This ensures that safety and security inside and outside your facility is always the top priority.

Smart domotics for the hotel industry helps you keep everything under control, even remotely from your PC/Laptop smartphone or tablet, by optimizing the operating costs of your facility, making sure guests are comfortable, and managing your hotel or B&B in a sustainable way.